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2nd International Conference on

Advances in Science, Engineering
& Technology(ICASET-2024)|
Hanoi, Vietnam

Hybrid Conference ( In Person + Online)
Organized by : Institute For Educational Research and Publication (IFERP) -

Theme:"Innovations Shaping Tomorrow: Exploring Frontiers in Science, Engineering & Technology"

Conference Date
23rd-24th August, 2024
Conference Venue
Wyndham Garden | Hanoi
HH01 To Huu Street, Van Phuc Ward, Hanoi, Vietnam
Call:(+91)76694 09022
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Welcome to the forefront of innovation, where resilience meets discovery. The ICASET conference invites you to an enriching experience in the vibrant city of Hanoi on the 23rd and 24th of August 2024. As we delve into the theme of "Innovations Shaping Tomorrow: Exploring Frontiers in Science, Engineering & Technology," we aim to foster a collaborative environment that transcends boundaries and drives progress.


"Innovations Shaping Tomorrow: Exploring Frontiers in Science, Engineering & Technology"
The primary purpose of ICASET is to provide a dynamic platform for researchers, academics, and industry professionals to converge and explore cutting-edge advancements in science, engineering, and technology. In an era marked by challenges, this conference stands as a beacon for nurturing resilience – a space where ideas flourish, collaborations thrive, and solutions emerge. ICASET seeks to transcend disciplinary silos, encouraging participants to engage in interdisciplinary dialogues that pave the way for resilient solutions to real-world challenges.

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration Deadline

25th July 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

2nd August 2024

Full Paper Submission Deadline

7th August 2024

Registration Deadline

13th August 2024

Objective of the 2nd ICASET

ICASET is driven by a multifaceted objective that goes beyond traditional conference goals. Our aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange, promote collaboration, and catalyze transformative breakthroughs in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.
By providing a conducive environment for networking, learning, and idea-sharing, ICASET aspires to contribute to the global pool of knowledge and inspire innovative approaches to address the complexities of our ever- evolving world.

ICASET-2024 Features of the Conference

Exclusive Event

Title : Innovative Horizons: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions through Science, Engineering and Technology

Keynote Speaker

Dr.Maribel S.Tizo

Department of Science Education
College of Engineering and Technology Philippines,

Keynote Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hidayat Bin Zainuddin

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Malaysia

Nurnadiah Zamri

Senior Lecturer
Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin

Session Speakers

Dr Sunil VK Gaddam

Professor and Dean
CSE and Allied Departments
Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology
Biography Biography

Mohammed alias yusof

Associate Professor
Biography Biography

Dr.Santosh Rane

Associate Professor
Sardar Patel College of Engineering
Biography Biography

Dr. Suganthi K

Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics & Communication
College of Engineering & Technology

Hadi Erfani

Assistant Professor
Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
Biography Biography

Ralph Gerard Sangalag

Assistant Professor
Batangas State University

Session Chair

Dr. Sudarshan Rao K,

Dean (Quality Assurance) and Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management Bantakal Udupi Karnataka

IFERP Scholarship Program

Institute For Educational Research and Publication (IFERP), we are committed to fostering knowledge dissemination, fostering scholarly excellence, and fostering the professional development of our members. We firmly believe that access to our conferences and engagement in the global academic community should be inclusive and equitable. In line with this ethos, we have initiated a scholarship program designed to alleviate financial constraints for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe. Our Scholarship Program for conference registration fees underscores our dedication to making this vision a tangible opportunity for all.

ICASET-2024 could actively contribute to the SDGs:

That's an admirable objective! Aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underscores a commitment to global sustainability and societal well-being. Here are potential ways in which the ICASET-2024 could actively contribute to the SDGs:

Goal 4: Quality Education:

To analyse research studies concerning the contributions of the field of electrical engineering, such as implementing smart grid systems and renewable energy solutions, to sustainable infrastructure development in underserved areas, ensuring reliable power supply for educational institutions and promotes equitable access to quality education.

Sessions to be Addressed :
Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation:

Utilising optimisation in structural design and environmental impact assessments, disciplines like construction management and geotechnical engineering play a crucial role in achieving sustainable water management and sanitation practices, vital for human well-being.

Sessions to be Addressed :
Session:6: Civil Engineering
Session:7: Applied Science or basic sciences

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy:

To conduct research studies on how innovations in electrical engineering are implementing sustainable power generation methods, contributing to the transition towards a more environmentally friendly and economically viable energy sector.

Sessions to be Addressed :
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:

Delve into the pivotal contributions of electrical engineering and its impact on Sustainable Industrialization, catalysing innovative shifts within industrial practices through revolutionary advancements in industrial methodologies.

Sessions to be Addressed :

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities:

Delve into the pivotal contributions of electrical engineering and its impact on Sustainable Industrialization, catalysing innovative shifts within industrial practices through revolutionary advancements in industrial methodologies.

Sessions to be Addressed :
Goal 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production:

Understand the implementation of resource efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable production practices through innovative technology, promoting sustainable development within applied and basic sciences.

Sessions to be Addressed :
Session:6: Civil Engineering

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals:

Conduct a thorough examination of the research landscape surrounding advancements and applications in Electrical Power Systems, with a focus on promoting inclusive and peaceful societies while ensuring sustainability, prosperity, and peace for future generations.

Sessions to be Addressed :
Session:1: Electrical Engineering

By actively aligning the conference with these Sustainable Development Goals, ICASET-2024 can contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future through the dissemination of knowledge, collaboration, and innovative solutions.

Proceedings & Publications

Note : ICASET-2024 proceedings series will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI) and to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing (T&C)*.

Why Should You Attend?

New Learnings
Academic sessions, panel discussions, paper presentations, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions give you a chance to learn new things from experts, keynote speakers, and session speakers.
Publication Opportunities
Selected papers will get a chance to be published in top-rated journals such as Scopus, DOAJ, Web of Science, and more
Strengthen Presentation Skills:
Presenting your findings at ICASET - 2024 helps you to develop and polish your presentation skills, which boosts your confidence for future research as a researcher or scholar.
Share Research with Peers:
This conference gives you a chance to showcase your research to an audience of peers from around the world and help you gain global recognition for your work.
Meet experts for collaborative research:
The conference brings together professionals, researchers, and experts in a specific field. Networking with these individuals can help you connect with potential collaborators, mentors, and editors.
Lifetime Access to Research Presentations
Offering a lifelong opportunity means that individuals, once granted access, can continue to benefit from and view research presentations indefinitely. This provides ongoing access to valuable content without time limitations.

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Join us in shaping the future of knowledge advancement! We're inviting enthusiastic volunteers to be an integral part of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology 2024 in Vietnam & Hanoi on August 23rd & 24th, 2024. organized by Institute For Educational Research and Publication (IFERP). Be part of a global community driving innovation and collaboration.

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