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Karpagam Institute of Technology

The Engineering college stands out as a top, premier learning hub in Coimbatore with the mission of imparting excellence in top quality technical education and research. The college recognises the top performers and meritorious engineering students with educational scholarships. A team of dynamic faculty, diverse student community and the state-of-art facilities available in the premises brand the institution as a querencia. Engineering education is provided at its best in this college.


  1. Karpagam Institute of Technology is incepted in providing quality engineering education that transforms individuals into intellectuals who will add newer dimensions to the technology revolution by fostering research, entrepreneurship, innovation and to remain a valuable resource for the industry and society through the best engineering practices in the college. Coimbatore is known to be the hub of quality education and KIT proves the fact by providing engineering education in the best form as one of the top colleges in the district.


  1. To provide quality education and training in Engineering and Technology in preparing students to contribute to the technological, economic, and social development of the country.
  2. To make Engineering accessible to the students from various backgrounds.
  3. To create an ambience in the college for facilitating research and new ideas towards creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and to set students on the best path to leadership.
  4. To provide opportunities for the students to get the needed additional skills in making them industry ready.
  5. To inculcate in the students a sense of professional ethical values and to instil in them a spirit of understanding of the needs of the society.